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What Is A Positive Attitude?

What is a positive attitude? Before you begin working on developing a positive attitude, it will help if you know more about what it is first.

To help answer the question, of what is a positive attitude, we should start by examining what an attitude is first.

Basically, your attitude toward something is how you judge it. It is the degree to which you have positive or negative thoughts about it.

Let me use an example to explain.

Say your bathroom was dirty and needed to cleaned. What thoughts enter your mind when you think about cleaning the bathroom. Do you think things like, 'ugh', 'gross', or, 'I have better things I could be doing'? Or do you think things like, 'I don't mind cleaning the bathroom', 'I love the end result of having a clean bathroom', 'I enjoy the lemon scents of the cleaners', or, 'this will be an opportunity to do a little bit of physical activity'?

The first set of responses is an example of a negative attitude. The second set of responses is an example of a positive attitude.

Most of us have thoughts or judgments about everything in our lives. The easiest way to tell if your thoughts are positive or negative about something is to ask yourself how you feel about it. Your thoughts lead to your feelings. And the easiest way to find out what thoughts are behind how you feel is to ask yourself why you feel that way.

Think about an upcoming event in your life, even if it's something simple like getting together with friends. How do you feel about that upcoming event? If you are feeling positive emotions like excitement, or hope, then you know you have positive thoughts about it. Positive thoughts mean you have a positive attitude about it.

On the other hand, if you are feeling scared or worried, then you know that you are having negative thoughts about that event and that your attitude toward it is negative.

These are some examples of how you can have a positive or negative attitude about specific things or events in your life, but what is a positive attitude in more general terms?

The average person has about 55,000 thoughts per day, which means that you potentially have around 55,000 positive or negative thoughts each day. If more of those thoughts are positive than negative, you could say that in general, you have a more positive than negative attitude.

So Why Is A Positive Attitude Important?

A positive attitude about things simply makes life better. Positive thoughts tend to leave you feeling good which leads to better health, more motivation and feeling happier in general. Negative thoughts lead to a lack of motivation and stress. And stress can also lead to health problems. Life is more enjoyable when you feel good, happy, and positive.

Thoughts also tend to be self fulfilling. If you think that an upcoming event is going to turn out well, it usually does. Or if you think you are going to overcome a health problem that you may have, you have a better chance of becoming healthy again.

Hopefully this has helped to answer the question, “what is a positive attitude”. I invite you to learn more about the benefits of a positive attitude and how to develop a positive attitude by checking out some of the related articles below.

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